Workshop Feedback Summary
Workshop on Mixing Logic and DRAM:
Chips that Compute and Remember

Sunday, June 1st, 1997, 8:30am-5:30pm
Denver, Colorado

Organized as part of the 24th Annual
International Symposium on Computer Architecture

The following feedback was collated by Liz Pennell. Please send corrections or comments to

Overall summaries:

Outstanding Very Good Good Fair Poor
Content of Workshop 5 24 18 2 0
Accuracy of CFP 5 22 16 0 0
Level of Presentations 5 19 24 1 0
Content of Handouts 5 19 17 5 0
Use of Visuals 2 20 16 5 0

Organize another workshop?

Thirty-one people responded, and they all said yes (to some extent). Several people added comments such as:

Comments from attendees:

Several comments were common in several of the feedback sheets:

We now present several of the more detailed comments with only minor editing. The comments are in no particular order.

Finally, one attendee provided us with a plan for the next workshop. We encourage this person to come forward and organize the next one!

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